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Is Proppant frac useful for very low permeability wells?

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Is Proppant frac useful for very low permeability wells?

Postby muhanad1992 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:06 pm

dear all

i would like to ask you about Proppant frac job in very low permeability well

i will give you the history of the well below:

In November 2014 well was drilled and completed immediately after with drilling rig in “L” sand (3rd pay). The injection test performed before rig release showed well has no injectivity.

In March 2016 well was re-perforated rigless in L layer through the “hydra jet” technology, then perforation wash and sandstone stimulation (mud acid). After injection test with NH4Cl brine was found no improvement (0.4 bpm as maximum injection with WHP increased to 2,800 psi).

A second injection test was performed in June 2016 but again WHP increased very quickly (up to 3,500 psi) during injection period at 0.3 bpm. The final fall of was not interpretable then a value of skin and permeability could not be assessed for this well.

that was the history of the well

and the main results of this well done by interpret and saphir was:

results from interpret software

K=0.034 md, S=-0.88 and II=0.07683bpd/psi

interpretation results in saphir software

K = 0.005 md



so do you think the proppant frac job is useful for this well and why ??

thanks in advance
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