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Wireline Slickline Training / Courses

Postby jaturaya » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:53 pm

[glow=red]Wireline Services[/glow] operating in oil and gas industry increased substantially as required by oil companies development programs.
Personal requirements to perform, supervise and manage the operation, must be certified through recognized institution’s Training Courses.
Slickline Technology Courses certification program is initiated to accelerate their working ability.

[glow=red]Pacific Well Services International Training Center Indonesia[/glow] is strongly involved to share that proven technology to the Customers.

Knowledge of Slickline Technology system levels added to skill levels institute's competence of personnel to perform a very effective and efficient job.

Systematic Approach to Manpower Development Programs are clasified in three (3) levels of Slickline Technology Courses.
Knowledge levels are specified as Slickline Technology Course 1, Slickline Technology Course 2 and Slickline Technology Course 3.

Skills levels to apply the Working Techniques are arranged as Slickline Technology Course Skill 1, Slickline Technology Course Skill 2 and Slickline Technology Course Skill 3.

Suitable Classrooms for Slickline Technology Courses
A training well consisting of Otis, Camco and Baker subsurface equipment
Wireline unit and pressure control equipment
Complete workshop includes Cut-away model of Otis, Camco and Baker subsurface equipment .

[highlight=red]Who Can Attend:[/highlight]
Production engineers, supervisors and superintendents
Drilling engineers, supervisors and superintendents
Rig superintendents, supervisors and drillers
Workover (rigless) and Well Services engineers
Wireline operators, supervisors and superintendents
HSE engineers
Logistic and Purchasing staffs

[highlight=red]Course Instructor:[/highlight]

[glow=red]Jaime Radam Janiola[/glow]

Involved in Wireline Services since 1971 as Wireline Specialist to Consultant of different oil companies starting from Brunei Shell Petroleum, Flopetrol International, Schlumberger International, Petronindo Utama and Welltekindo Nusantara Geoservices Group.
Country of assignment covers the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt) and the Asia Pacific Region (Western Australia, Thailand and Indonesia).

In Welltekindo Nusantara, he was originally posted to manage the Wireline Operations for Total Fina Elf and VICO Indonesia contracts.
As a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from Cebu Institute of Technology Philippines, he was assigned in Engineering Department of Manufacturing Division to design Wireline Unit and Tools which was certified by API QR during his term.

At present, he is connected with Pacific Well Services as the Instructor of Slickline Technology Courses.

[glow=red]For Inquiry Contact:
Pacific Well Services
International Training Center Indonesia
E-mail : harisuryo@pacificwellservices.com[/glow]

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