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District Engineers required

District Engineers required

Postby mrgmm » Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:08 am


A friend of mine is asking for district engineers as below. If you know someone can fill the job, please let me know.

As far as I know, the job will be 28/28 with a good day rate.

good opportunity in Algeria I need 6 persons 3 Production technology engineer ( min 12 years experience) and 3 Sr. Production technology engineer (13 years plus), if you are interested or to recommend someone else ,

Job description:

1- Design / Redesign for Gas Lift wells.

• Monitor Gas lift wells performance.

• Perform necessary unloading / troubleshooting for Gas Lift wells to restore their performance.

• Prepare GLVS / GLVC programs for Gas Lift wells for Surveillance and Diagnostics.

• Analyze raw data of GLVS and report it with technical recommendations.

• Follow up wells performance during PGOR tests, perform Optimizations.

• Supervise Rig/Rigless Operation related to Gas Lift systems for Gas Lift wells.

• Supervise Gas lift Workshop work. i.e. Test Rack Opening pressure for GL Valves.

2-Well Integrity Work

• Policies (knowledge, application, dispensation and taking actions to back to policies following).

• Wellhead tree checks, SSSV checks, header (production, test and injection gas/water) valves checks

• Monitor, encourage, recommend repairs (X-Tree repairs, SSSV Exercise…etc that helps to keep operation in safe conditions)

• Tubing/Annulus Communication

• Monitor, encourage, recommend repairs (discuss any apparent hazards/take actions as TBG patch, W/O or shut the well in)

• Using logging tools (as MFCL) on slick line or E-line and analyze the resulting data to check the completion string integrity (possibility of holes, condition of metal loss, the present wall thickness and any present projections)

• Rig/Vessel Approach Certificates (prepare and recommend any needed repairs/safety issues to accomplish safe approaching and safely production operations while rig or vessel is working onsite)

3-Well Optimization – Production/Injection

• Production wells: Monitor & maintain rates and pressures (using well testing, optimizing the rates - production choke- to avoid any undesired phenomena as water and/or gas coning).

• Injection wells: Monitor & maintain injection rates & pressures (optimize the injection rates/ pressures based on the reservoir status/needs and its characteristics)

• Artificial lift (Gas Lift & ESP wells):

• Design and optimization of the gas lift system, troubleshooting (monitor the wellhead conditions, perform surveys to optimize and control the wells performance)

• Platform surveys (check all the P/F wells conditions -status, chokes, chemicals, surging- and adjust to its optimum conditions).

• Prevention of precipitates: scale inhibition squeeze designs, implementation (design the programs, witnessing the jobs, observe the results and monitor the inhibitor content in the well to decide when to repeat this job).

• Surface optimization: Work with other divisions to control the risers’ pressures to the optimum limits using demulsifying chemicals injection.

• Support O/P with chemicals (paraffin and/or asphaltine dispersant) optimization to eliminate and/or minimize the surging caused from emulsion producing.

4-Well Surveillance & Intervention Work.

• Implement Cairo surveillance plan (assist Cairo team to put the suitable surveillance plane for the field and help to perform it as scheduled)

• Lead the jobs to be sure it will be done in safe and proper ways.

5-Well testing:

• Write well testing programs to match with desired well testing schedule using test separators and/or multi-phase flow meters.

• Report all these well tests periodically and analyze them if match with normal well condition or not for further action.

• Check from time to time, the accuracy of the MPFM (multi-phase flow meter) to be sure that resulting tests are valid or not (a calibration of the MPFM will be required).

• Well head water cuts

• Monitor, report, analyze and then recommend/action plan (if WC increase was confirmed).

6-Slick line work:

• Gauging, Gas Lift Survey, GL Valve Change and Cleanouts.

• Design the programs, witness the job execution, analyze the results and then recommend an action plan.

• MPLT, Static pressure surveys, PBU’s, …. etc.

• Design the programs, witness the job execution, analyze the results and then recommend an action plan.

7-E-Line work:

• Mechanical & chemical WSO (water shut-off) , PSP/RST, perforating (Tubing Conveyed Perforation TCP and through tubing)… etc.

• Design the programs, witness the job execution, analyze the results and then recommend an action plan.

• Rig work-over activities as running completion

• Chemical stimulations to remove any formation damage and increase the well productivity & TBG Cleaning to remove any accumulated scales or HC in the production string.

• Acid, xylene, fresh water, mutual solvent

• Follow up Well intervention programs (drilling / completion, work over, Coiled Tube, Nitrogen lifting, slick line operations, wire line operations and well testing) including operational aspects to ensure the best compliance with the objectives.

Please send your CV to :

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