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Giant discovery Egypt offshore

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Giant discovery Egypt offshore

Postby ag69905 » Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:33 pm

A new and "unexpected" gas and condensate plus "oil" discovery, has been done offshore delta nile in this month.
Eni drilled a well in 1450 water depth, based on three seismic 2D lines. Many others major refused to enter ...
I have seen one line and after the discovery is easy to say "was a good prospect". Anyway it is a realy big organic construction similar to bahamas model with an internal lagoon and porous limestone in the left and right side (i do not know the orientation of the line).
This huge body is 1500 m circa hight and is laterally bounded by flat clastic sediments.
Another but smaller body is inside the exploration permit.
what is amazing is the body itself and which type of genesis it can have had.... a big mound in the middle of a basin ...
Hope to see something else soon.
The GOIP is 50 Tera but they expect additional oil at the base of this giant.

We admit we were one of the company ... in the bunch of companies ... which refuse to farm in ...

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Re: Giant discovery Egypt offshore

Postby FANARCO » Wed Oct 14, 2015 10:47 am

I think these number are over estimated.
They didn't declare that it is either P10, P50 or P90.

Is this number of OGIP comes from one layer or multiple.

The hydrocarbon bearing zone is clastic or fractured carbonate.
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